Cascade Kids

Cascade Kids exists to keep kids safe, to love them well, and to show them Jesus.

The mission of our Cascade's Kids ministry is the same as all of our ministries--to make disciples. God has blessed our church with a growing number of children. It is our responsibility to develop these children into mini-missionaries to the next generation. 

For what ages is Cascade Kids offered?

Cascade Kids is offered for children from birth through 5th grade for both services.

Who volunteers at Cascade Kids?

All volunteers have had a required background check, personal interview, orientation, and training. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Some have children or grandchildren; others are singles or married couples. We also have children and student volunteers. Some volunteers serve every week, others monthly, but we try to ensure kids have a consistent group of leaders in their classrooms. 

What is the philosophy behind Cascade's Kids Ministries?

We believe that Jesus loved to teach children and that they can handle biblical truth at a young age. We also believe that parents are called to be the primary shepherds of their children. In other words, Cascade Kids does not only exist to teach children; it exists to equip parents to teach their children.